The Story of Sea Glass: A Sleep Story for Grown-ups

The Story of Sea Glass is another gentle, drifting hypnotic story - a unique combination of trance journey and rambling story beautifully read by co-author Martyn. Like all the Sleep Stories in the collection, this tells a tale and interweaves hypnotic suggestion to help you go to sleep.

There's a group of people who collect sea-smoothed waste glass. They comb beaches, find the glass treasures and turn them into jewellery. This story tells of the hunting ground on the Durham coast at a spot called Seaham. If you can stay to the end you might even learn something.

It's 22 minutes long, though few people are still awake at the end.

Narrator: Martyn Healy

Martyn Healy is a seasoned voiceover and a hypnotherapist – the perfect combination to help you get to sleep.

Adult Sleep Stories are only available in audio form.

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