The Colouring Book: A Sleep Story for Grown-ups

2015 saw the rise of colouring books for adults. There are un-coloured-in books on the shelves of many folk. The idea, though, is excellent. It ties in with the popularity of mindfulness - the idea of being in the now - rather than cogitating on the past or worrying about the future. It's this mind wandering that can cause sleepless nights. Which is why we created Sleep Stories.

The Colouring Book is another hypnotic journey designed to help you go to sleep. Martyn's soothing voice guides you into a relaxed state and embeds a few hypnotic suggestions. And it's all around the concept of the colouring book. Sleep Well.

Duration: 20 minutes

Narrator: Martyn Healy

Martyn Healy is a seasoned voiceover and a hypnotherapist – the perfect combination to help you get to sleep.

Adult Sleep Stories are only available in audio form.

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